by Glen Penton

  1. I believe in the One, Eternal, Almighty, All-Gracious, All-wise God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  2. I believe in His recent six-literal-day creation of the world and of our ancestors, Adam and Eve; in their subsequent fall; and in the lostness and thorough depravity of each one of us through that fall.

  3. I believe in His irrevocable choice of the Jewish People as His Family;
    • the Land of Israel as His special place;
    • the City of Jerusalem as His royal capital;
    • the family of David as His royal dynasty;
    • and His plenary, verbal inspiration of the Old and New Testament Scriptures as our written authority for all matters of faith and practice.

  4. I believe in the virgin birth; sinless life; miracles; substitutionary, atoning death; bodily resurrection and ascension; present, effectual priesthood; personal, premillennial return; and eternal reign of Yeshua,
    • the living Word of God,
    • David's promised Messianic Heir,
    • my Savior and Lord,
    • through Whom the Father
      • created,
      • redeemed,
      • sustains,
      • and will renew
        • His universe.

  5. I believe in the eternal security and salvation of all who come to God by faith in Yeshua (the Jew first, and also the non-Jew),
    • in the utter lostness of all who reject Him (the Jew first, and also the non-Jew),
    • in the coming resurrection and judgment of both the saved and the lost,
    • and in the consequent urgency of the Great Commission (to the Jew first, and also to the non-Jew).

  6. I believe in the present work of the Holy Spirit to effectively call and adopt all the elect unconditionally into the King's own Family by faith;
    • to invite all the non-elect to seek God (so they will be without excuse);
    • to teach, motivate and empower every believer for fruitful and gifted service characterized by growing love, faith, and hope;
    • and to form all the saved into one holy, glorious, harmonious Body, the perfect Bride the Son deserves.

  7. I believe in the regathering of all Israel from everywhere that the Lord has scattered us, especially from the land of the north, both to the Land of Israel and to the King of Israel, never again to rebel against Him, but to rule with Him forever.

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