by Glen Penton

  1. Nazi Germany is gone. So are a lot of other civilizations that have oppressed Jews. The Jews survived. God has protected His People and even used the Holocaust to make Israel a nation again. (Pre-Holocaust German Jews were mostly anti-Zionist.)

  2. Survival stories illustrate how God chooses some individuals to save and others to be destroyed. His choice is not random, but sometimes seems random to us. He often protected people without regard to that individual' s righteousness, wisdom, education, strength, cunning, etc.

  3. The Holocaust is the grand monument to human sinfulness. Any optimistic view of human nature is fully discredited by the Holocaust. Nazi wickedness helps us understand God's Justice in the matter of His punishment for sin.

  4. The Holocaust is a clear sign of God's wrath against the sins of His Own People, that notwithstanding the Covenant, Israel is under all of the curses written in His Torah (for example in Deuteronomy 28). God will do whatever it takes to bring Israel back to Himself. He will disillusion them away from all false "saviors". He will not tolerate His People's sinfulness, but will make them a Holy People.

  5. The Holocaust demonstrates the respect God pays to the choices He allows us to make. Our evil choices do real harm to ourselves, to our descendants, and to others. He often does not protect us from the consequences of our decisions.

  6. The Holocaust points up our real need for a Protector-Savior-Messiah-Redeemer, from our own sins and the sins of others.

  7. Education and civilization are not the Savior. Germany was arguably the best-educated nation on earth at the time. Their culture, patriotism, obedience to authority, efficiency, work ethic, and advanced technology did not prevent but enabled the Holocaust.

  8. Other "saviors" discredited by the Holocaust include:
    • >New Age/neo-paganism, the official Nazi religion
    • >Reformed Judaism and Mahatma Gandhi. They counseled Jews to passively submit, in hopes of pacifying Hitler.
    • >The Christian religion as a whole and the Roman Catholic Church in particular. They passively stood by.
    • >The United States and the other Western Democracies, who could have intervened, but chose not to.
    • >Human religion, human government and human authority in general.

  9. A minority of sincere gentile Christians gave witness to the real Savior by risking their lives to rescue the Savior's earthly Family.

  10. Well over a million Jewish followers of Israel's real Messiah suffered and died with their fellow-Jews, but are still called "traitors" and "ex-Jews" by the Jewish leadership and the Government of Israel today. The Jewish and gentile followers of Yeshua defeated Satan by not believing the devil's lies about Jesus' not being for Jews and about God not loving the Jews.

  11. The Holocaust reminds us that Satan still knows who God's People are, and he is anxious to incite the nations (especially so-called "Christian" nations) against them.

  12. Satan also deceives most of the Jewish People into perceiving the perpetrators of the Holocaust as "Christians". (Actually, the Nazi Party, once it was in power, did not allow Party members to also be church members.)

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